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ERP Related

What is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software?
Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) integrates all of an organization’s departments and functions into a single system to help manage the business. ERP software is often used by project managers and business operators. Departments that are often integrated through ERP software include finance, planning, marketing, human resources, sales, reporting, manufacturing, operations, and more.
How can ERP software help my business?
Implementation of enterprise resource planning software can help businesses manage multiple essential departments such as finance and operations. By integrating departments through ERP software, you can manage costs more effectively and improve the performance and speed of your overall business. ERP software can help improve communication and coordination between departments to ensure operations are functioning properly at all times.
How does ERP software work?
According to our research, enterprise resource planning software manages multiple departments of your organization by creating a unified dataset for your business. Business operators can determine definitions of key data points so there is no confusion on what is being recorded by the ERP software. Clarity surrounding these definitions creates unity amongst business operations and speeds up the decision making process.
What are the advantages of using ERP software?
Advantages of using ERP software include improved productivity and efficiency and streamlined processes. ERP software helps users automate cross-department operations and house all data in a central location. This helps users better track reporting and foster growth through access to centralized and accurate information.
How much does enterprise resource planning software cost?
ERP software pricing is tiered depending on the number of users and the features included. Outside of free enterprise resource planning software options, monthly subscription-based ERP software runs anywhere from INR 4999 per user.
Should I demo enterprise resource planning software before making purchasing decisions?
Yes. Most people demo two or three options after completing their initial enterprise resource planning software research. Taking advantage of free demos, webinars, and trials is a great way to gain insight into which features and functionality best fit your company’s needs.
What are some common ERP software features?
Some common ERP software features include HR management, financial management, project management, and accounting management.

Software Purchase Related

How do I purchase your software?
The easiest way is to purchase online. Our online purchasing is secure and we accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards, or you can choose to "Online payment" or "debit card" or "Pay by Check." For more details on the purchasing process see below.
How does purchasing work. What is the process?
Purchasing and registering is an easy process that involves 4 simple steps:
1. Purchase - Purchase the software online. You do not need to wait for a physical CD. You just purchase a "license" for the software. You get a 20 digit license serial number on the web page after you purchase or by email within seconds after you click purchase.
2. Download & Install - If you do not already have the trial version you need to download the program. Downloading is quick and should take less than a minute on normal connections. You can skip step if you already have the trial installed. With all our programs the trial version is the actual version of the program that just has not yet been activated.
3. Activate - Activate the software by completing this form. Activation requires your 20 digit serial number you received when you purchased in step 1. Once you activate your software you will receive a registration code containing 1 field key.
4. Register - Open the Register Software box from the menu of the program and enter the registration code you received in step 3 into the software.
What other services do you offer?
Our professional services team has years of experiencing building and promoting eCommerce stores. We can assist you with design, development, marketing, search engine marketing, graphic design, live chat, customer service and more.
Are there any applicable taxes?
Tax is already included in the price of each product.
What kind of Customer Support is offered?
At Itian Softwares we provide support to all of our hosted customers to make sure your instance is up and running all the time, especially when you need it most. To our customers with downloaded software, our help desk is available from 10AM-6PM Tuesday through Sunday to help you with any questions and/or issues.
When does software maintenance start?
New license: The 12 month software maintenance period will start the first date that your payment is confirmed.
Upgrade: The 12 month software maintenance time period will start when the payment is confirmed and will replace any current maintenance service active for the upgraded license.
What happens when the included maintenance ends?
After the first 12 months, your software maintenance will expire and you will no longer be able to receive technical support or software updates. Renewing your software maintenance is done solely at your own discretion and can be renewed in advance of your maintenance expiration to ensure access to the support and software updates at all times.